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We Remember (22 Years Ago)

"Our Hearts Remember" Acrylic on canvas 5x5 in. 9/11/2013 Christy Tremblay Art

An excerpt from my memoir - "Embrace in Place"

As I choose which art image to post today to share with you a sneak peek into my book, it can't be any other but this piece which I painted while we were living on Fort hood in Texas in 2013. It is a painting from my series of painted houses on wood -


"In Remembrance" Placing Flags on Veterans grave sites - Ciena and Michael Fort Leavenworth National Cemetery, Kansas in 2011

This day - 22 years ago changed our path as a family and similar to all who have served on this day and those who have continued to serve- the long deployments, back to back deployments, years missed, family and friends taken, lives changed, lives moved on, lives on hold, waiting for family to return, waiting for news -holding us together, mending hearts, holding on -

This day - 22 years ago is painted upon

our canvases and moves with us to each new place - and we unpack it and hang it upon our walls to reflect upon and to never forget.

"Home Again" Mixed Media on Canvas 6 x 8 in. Christy Tremblay Art Year 2010

"Remembrance" Poppy Fields in Asan, South Korea Photograph - Christy Tremblay

"Poppy" Painted Korean Vase Year 2021 Christy Tremblay Art

If you would like continued updates on my book progress please follow this blog and my FaceBook Author Page or my other social media sites!

Thank you!


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