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The Edits

This morning I received my book manuscript with edits for my review. I'm not sure why I love seeing my text marked up with red proofreaders' marks - but I do! My words on a screen telling my story of over a quindecennial of moves. I suppose it has something to do with my love of timeworn objects - rough around the edges, that tell a story of imperfection.

This page from my Memoir caught my attention immediately!

Photograph from my garden - Tampa, Florida. 2021
Unfurl - Photograph from my garden in Tampa Florida 2021

As I carefully review the edits of my book, I am reminded of my journey, and the many challenges of this life we have devoted for the military. Today, I can see signs of spring and I am looking forward to a new light.

Please stay tuned for updates on my book release!

Embrace in Place


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