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The Things We Carry...

#embraceinplace An Artists Memoir #coffeetablebook Coming Soon!

What do you carry with you?

If you have moved as often as I have, I'm sure that you have treasured items - which you pack and unpack over and over again. For me -these items are my art materials - tubes of paints, brushes, handmade papers, canvases, and turquoise stained mason jars - used for brush water. These objects come with me to each new house and inspire me to continue my story through art.

Excerpt from my book -

"Typically after a month or so (after the main household is somewhat settled), and depending on how the move went - how my energy level is, after unpacking boxes of wrapping paper and items that I can't even remember the importance of needing - I find my art boxes which I make sure are labeled "Art Studio," (so they are not lost in the mix of the poorly labeled household goods packages) I am ready to set up my studio. I need my place - my sanctuary.

Art Studio Fort Moore (formerly known as Fort Benning)

I unpack each box containing a rainbow of paint tubes, brushes, and other treasured materials, which I have carefully and inconspicuously wrapped by myself (to hide from the packers - As I was told more than once, that I am not allowed to bring my collection of costly paints, which might explode along the journey in the hot moving truck. "

Over the years of moves I have fine tuned the way that I package my materials to hide from the movers and you can read about it in my upcoming book!

Treasured Items

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