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I am passionate about nature, cities, travel, and landscape. 
Colors, line and shape inspire me. 

Vibrant or subtle, the textures, layers and movement of the city and the natural environment provide sources for my artwork.

I started making art as a child, constantly getting into paint and experimenting with any new materials I could get my hands on.

In a sense my current art is a continuation of my early exploratory spontaneous process. 

My work begins with an underlayment of color and evolves through many layers of paint, pastel, chalk, and other media. 

Each piece has its own unique process; it grows and changes as each layer achieves its final stage. 

I enjoy the mystery of discovering what the piece will become.

Art has always been a part of me. I can’t remember not wanting to do art. One of the ways I express my world is through the artwork I make. When you experience my art you see a glimpse of the world through my eyes, and this includes my personal perspective on memory, emotion, place, hope.  



I grew up in Kirkland, WA. I was born in Tampa. FL.

I graduated from Northern, AZ University in K-8th grade Education. I ran middle distance track and cross country on a scholarship for all four years, of college. I have been an Army spouse since 2001. My husband and I have two daughters and a chocolate lab (our third) named Bear. Our military journey has taken us through Texas, Kansas, Virginia, Washington State, FL, South Korea, and currently, Fort Benning, GA.


A Northwest native, I have taught in Korea and visited cities, rural areas and islands in Southeast Asia. I currently work, in my art studio, in our historical home on Fort Benning, Army Post, in Columbus, GA.  I create an art studio in each new home, which at this time, is 12.


Monet has always been an inspiration of mine.  I grew up seeing his prints in my family home and I have visited the Chicago Art Museum and loved seeing his collection of original paintings. I am inspired by nature and places I live.

Art was always a natural thing for me to pursue. As a child, I would get into paint and experiment with new materials. An outlet and livelihood, art keeps me grounded through each of my military moves. Self-taught with influences from art classes, artists, and workshops along the way, I have expanded my talents and experimented with many different mediums. I took art classes at Auburn University, while my husband was stationed in Georgia, many years ago. I recall the influence of an art instructor I had, while at Auburn in 1999. The class was an intuitive mixed media studio class. He inspired me to create my own painting style and to experiment with different media.

With each move, I make it a point to expand my knowledge. And with each phase of my journey, I have created a style all my own.

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