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Embrace in Place (Coming Soon!)

Updated: Aug 13, 2023

An Artists Memoir Coffee Table Book

by, Christy Tremblay

Hi friends! It's time to share!

Iv'e been secretly writing a book, since last December. The idea for my book first sparked in 2019, while moving for a PCS (Military Move - Permanent Change of Station) to South Korea from Tampa Florida.

The making of this book was in many ways always in progress, throughout my entire journey as a military spouse. My paintings and travel photography became the pages to document each place, and friends I have met along the way add to the words of my story - through their encouragement and presence. The unique details of each location give inspiration to my narrative.

My book is currently just in the very beginning of the editing stages. As, I always have the desire and need to create things and mainly make art, I have found that to self publish this book is a great fit! Although it is challenging , I am super excited to be learning and finding ways to best get my book published to share with you!

There isn't a concrete date for the book release, but I am hoping it can be out before this December.

Sneak Peek -

Introduction _ by Lisa Stice

Army spouse Christy Tremblay’s mixed-media art is the perfect metaphor for a multi-textured, multi-layered military life. As mil-spouses, we often don’t know where life is taking us next as we evolve with each new place and experience, and all of those unexpected places and experiences become layers that shape us into the people we never knew we could be. There is beauty in all that layering and evolution, in the unforeseen and in adaptation. Christy Tremblay’s unexpected journeys leads us to magical gardens and dream-like landscapes; they are places that celebrate.

"Embrace in Place," is a memoir of my life as an artist, traveling the country and overseas - through my moves as a military spouse with my husband, two daughters, and always with a chocolate Labrador Retriever by our side. Art keeps me grounded throughout each move and carries me along.

This book commemorates my journey and experiences of each new place I have lived and the art I created, inspired by the history and environment of each location.

Beginning with the year 2007 in Washington State and ending with the current year of 2023 in Fort Meade, Maryland, it takes you on a journey showcasing my art and travel photographs, history, short essays, thoughts, and memories, and glimpses into a military family as they navigate moves throughout the US and beyond.

"Temple by the Sea" Mixed Media on Tile Year 2021 Christy Tremblay

Stay tuned for more!!

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