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On the Road (sneak peek book from my book)

"Uprooted again - we pack each treasure, and leave - with our neighbor the magnificent fern we brought back to life, we purchase new bed frames - ours broke along the road- somewhere uncrated in a moving truck along I-90".

"Southern Charm" The fern we saved from a Walmart nursery

"Uprooted" Pink blooms Mixed Media on Canvas 12x20 In.

"Moving Day"

If you are a military family, you know that we are coming to the end of the PCS (Permanent Change of Station) moving season. Between May and late July is the typical time that families will be uprooted and relocated to another home. We will pack up our belongings, throw some out, give some away, and maybe acquire something new along the way - to fit perfectly in the new spaces of our new home.

Our recent move was just one year ago. We moved from Georgia to Maryland

During this past year a lot has happened as we settle in to our new location.

Working on this memoir is a way that I am documenting all of our past nine moves. Throughout our moves, my art has been a constant and has become a journal, telling the story of each place I have lived.

Have you moved recently? What is you favorite thing about your new home and environment you are now in?

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